Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our Dying Earth

Welcome to Dead Planet, where we hope the world takes Global Warming seriously, where we hope the citizens of the Earth wake up to the reality that we have to make sacrifices, change the core way in which we live if Mother Earth is to be saved. Effecting change is not about green fashion, eating tofu burgers and thinking a check off to Save the Whales counts as your contribution to the cause. People like Al Gore may be sounding the alarm, but they are not leading by example when they own three homes, and flit around the world in a private plane to deliver their message. We need a Green Messiah, or we will be the Dead Planet.

We encourage participation in this Save Earth Blog, so encourage reader participation. Leave us comments, or send us interesting articles you would like to see here by email them with the link to and we'll get them up. If you have links to green suppliers or services, want certain news link here on the blog, please email them in, and we will get them up as quickly as we can. Lastly, this is a people blog, not a person blog, so we are looking for writers to join in. Send us and email with the name and email you would like to use, and we will send you an invitation to become a member of staff.

We are pro EV (electric vehicles-GO TESLA), Anti-Nuclear, Pro-Wind Energy but against the wind industry being owned by the nuclear industry (Google AWEA or ACE NY) as a means to green their image. We believe the time has come to change the world economic pattern of a world driven by consumerism, time to measure the success of a person not by what they own, but wy what they our contributing to reversing Global Warming, and making the world a greener place for our children that will follow in our footsteps.

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